Importance of play for child development

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Play and Social Skills

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The Importance of Play in Early Childhood Development

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The Convention on the Rights of the Child clearly highlights the importance of early child development, saying that a child has a right to develop to “the maximum extent possible.” (Article 6) and that “States Parties recognize the right of every child to a standard of living adequate for the child's physical, mental, spiritual, moral.

Why is play important to a child’s development?

The Serious Need for Play

Play is a grossly under-appreciated but essential element of child development. It isn’t some convenient, marketable product geared towards certain “developmental milestones”, so you won’t see any hype for play. While messy play may seem like a new fad on the internet, it is a important part of child development.

What Is the Importance of Play in Preschool?

Let's take a look at the importance of messy play and how you can add it to your child's day. While the term "risky play" might sound daunting, taking a step back and biting your tongue when you want to shout "be careful!" is important for your child's gross motor development and confidence.

The Importance of Outdoor Play for Children

The Importance of Children's Play for Development As children play, they learn how to make friends. Allowing child's play to happen with peers is a great way for parents to help children make friends.

Promoting Healthy Brain Development: You Can Make A Difference Learn how you can make a difference in young children's brain development through .

Importance of play for child development
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What is the Role of Play in Child Development?