Some people are worth melting for writing activity sheets

A Planet Worth a Thousand Words: An English Teacher's Guide to Global Warming

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Second Grade Writing Activities

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The post took off on Pinterest and I still get a ton of traffic to it to this day. Olaf says, “Some people are worth melting for.” We will then discuss those in our lives that are so special to turkiyeninradyotelevizyonu.coml enough that we would melt for them!

Students will the write about who they would melt for and why. Writing Sample Questions Directions for questions Read the following early draft of an essay and then choose the best answer to the question or the best completion of the statement.

And most recently, we watched a clip from Frozen in class and discussed what it meant when Olaf said that "Some people are worth melting for." My kids each did a small writing piece on who they would melt for, and I think this one just about melted my heart!

Texas Success Initiative Sample Questions

A Planet Worth a Thousand Words is a writing curriculum with a focus on global warming. It is primarily for high school seniors, although it could easily be adapted to fit other grade levels. It is primarily for high school seniors, although it could easily be adapted to fit other grade levels.

Second Grade Writing Activities

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. Next time when you are walking on the street, just don't get your mind stuck by all those projects, and stressful stuff, free your mind and embrace yourself to the surroundings.

Some people are worth melting for writing activity sheets
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Once Upon a Creative Classroom: Some People are Worth Melting For